All Natural Jagua ~ Blue-Black Temporary Tattoos

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How Jagua Tattoos Work

jagua tattoo temporary blue black gel applied to the skin

Jagua gel applied to skin ~ Remain still and allow 30 minutes to 1 hour for jagua to completely dry. Keep the jagua gel on for 3-6 hours. The jagua gel will dry flat, almost paper thin.

jagua tattoo temporary blue black gel removal

Wash jagua off your skin with running warm water and soap after 3-6 hours. The color will be a very faint blue, with an almost yellowish tint at first. This is normal, the stain will darken over the next 24-48 hours.

jagua tattoo temporary blue black stain results

Jagua stain reults on the forearm 48 hours after application. Jagua tattoos can last approximately 2 weeks. Less exposure to water, staying out of hot tubs and swimming pools will help the tattoo to last longer.

Jagua Tattoo Aftercare Requirements

If you remove your jagua gel by simply peeling away with your fingers, it can stain finger tips & under nails. It is best to wash away with soap and warm running water to avoid this.

Jagua will take 30 minutes or up to 1 hour to fully dry

Leave the jagua on your skin for 3-6 hours. Relax during this time. DO NOT plan to excersize, go dancing, or take part in any kind of activity that will cause you to sweat. Sweating with the gel on your skin can cause the lines to blur.

Remove the jagua gel after 3-6 hours by washing and rinsing away with warm running water and soap. Make sure all of the dark blue gel rinses away from your skin. Showering is recommended. DO NOT use a loofa or anything that will cause your skin to exfoliate.

The jagua tattoo will be a very faint blue color at first. You may think its not working, but DON'T WORRY. This is normal, the jagua stain develops into a dark blue or close to black over the next 24-48 hours

DO NOT sleep with the jagua gel on your skin! The jagua stain or tattoo can transfer to other body parts and other people during the first 12-24 hours of application.

• After you have washed away the jagua gel and before bedtime, an extra step you can take to avoid any transfers, is to cover the skin area with tissue paper or gauze and tape or wear clothing over it while you are sleeping.

The jagua tattoo stain results depends on the placement on your body as well as your skin type. Jagua is similar to henna in that it will stain darkest on hands and feet and lighter on other areas.

AVOID soaking your fresh jagua tattoo in a bath, hot tub or hot mineral springs. AVOID swimming, especially in the ocean. Long or even short exposure to saoking the skin area in water can cause the jagua to be pulled out of your pores. Normal showering is fine.

DO NOT Sleep with Jagua on your skin!

Why? Jagua is incredibly potent! It can very easily shift in the night, blurring the line quality. It can also transfer very easily to other body parts and other people. The most important step in the aftercare instructions is to wash it off with soap and warm running water after 3-6 hours, and before bed time.

Preparing for your Jagua Appointment

An extra step you can take to prepare is to shower and exfoliate your skin before the appointment. Having a fresh layer of skin will help the jagua to stain deeper and last longer.

DO NOT apply any oils or moisturizers to the skin area before your appointment, this can block the jagua from staining as dark as it could.

Book your appointment so that you can follow the AFTERCARE REQUIREMENTS EXACTLY!

How can I make my jagua tattoo last as long as possible?

The jagua stain is released from the pores of your skin through sweating and from exposure to water. It also fades from your skin exfoliating. The less exposure to water the better, especially abrasive water like the ocean, hot tubs and mineral hot springs. Apply allnatural oils, like olive oil, jojoba or coconut oil to the tattoo before you shower or take part in activities that will cause you to sweat. The oils act as protection and barrier to water. You can also keep the area moisturized with all-natural oils throughout the life of the stain, to help it last longer.

Can I have an allergic reaction to Jagua?

Jagua is derived from allnatural plant material, and like any allnatural plant or material, it can cause allergic reactions in some people. If you have allergies to other berries like blueberries or strawberries, than you should not try jagua at all. If you have any concerns or senstive skin, it is recommended that you try a small skin test before applying a full tattoo. Put a small dab on your skin. If you do not experience any itching or redness, then you are not allergic to Jagua. You can purchase small amounts of fresh allnatural jagua from suppliers in the US. Read more about the possiblility of allergic reactions to jagua and the symptoms on our All About Jagua Page.

Jagua for private appointments and parties

Jagua is perfect for testing out a permanent tattoo idea, or when you want to have a special temporary body adornment for an upcoming festval or event. Or just because you want to have fun!

Because jagua is so potent, and takes up to 30 minutes to dry, it is not condusive for a party environment. Many times when I am doing henna at a party, people come back to me with the design smeared. No big deal, you have a few minutes where you can wipe away henna paste and the color might show up very lightly the next day. Jagua on the other hand will stain very dark whether it has been on the skin for 30 seconds or 3 hours! It is best to have jagua done in a relaxed quiet atmosphere, where you can give it the time to dry and set. What are the other differences between henna and jagua? > > >